Welcome to Barcey’s!

As many of you know, Barcey’s has long been a vibrant café in Bushwick since 2009. What you may not know is that we have now amped up our menu to full brunch everyday with cocktails, beer, wine, and sake. Still serving old standbys like the Barcey’s Club or Chicken Sandwich (and still pouring a mean shot of espresso), new innovative dishes designed and prepared by owners and chefs Christine Barcelona-Guillen and Ron Guillen expand on regional classics and exciting inspirations.  

Not solely just a coffee shop or a sandwich joint, Barcey’s food and atmosphere encapsulates the concepts of fusion and inspiration. “Fusion” can often be a vague and overused term, but at its core is the concept of fusing together modern and ethnic elements. Melding not only elements of Filipino cuisine with other East Asian techniques but also bringing the subtleties of comfort food together with innovative culinary boldness.  Barcey’s features plates such as the popular Kimchi Wings and Spicy Ramen, and even gastronomic gems like the Waffles and Chicken or the Bulgogi Burger.

Offering free Wifi, plenty of power outlets, and just around the corner from the DeKalb stop off of the L train, Barcey’s prides itself in being a convenient and comfortable spot for locals and visitors alike. Come work on laptops, lunch with clients or coworkers, dine with friends and family, or if you do not feel like leaving the comfort of your own home, let us deliver food to you. Please check out our online menus, visit our Facebook and Instagram pages, and stop in sometime.